• IHC Global at Habitat III

    Read a report on our time in Quito

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  • Humans of Habitat III: A Photo Essay

    Perspectives on Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda

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  • Global Vision, Local Action:

    Changing Cities for Good

    Over half the global population live in cities, so it is important they serve all of their citizens, including the most vulnerable one billion who live in slums.

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  • Achieving Inclusiveness:

    The Challenge and Potential of Informal Settlements

    An approach to upgrading slums to be seen as a way to foster equitable development.
    by Judith A. Hermanson

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  • Membership

    Building A Global Constituency for Equitable Urban Development

    Join IHC and advocate for more equitable societies, healthier economies, safer, cleaner environments and better lives for people.

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Key Policy Topics

IHC Global believes that it is possible for cities and citizens to achieve more equitable urban development. This means greater fairness and opportunity for everyone living in the city, even the poorest. Poverty and barriers to greater urban equity have a complex relationship. However, there are some key problem areas which cities, communities, and individuals can address. Breaking the urban poverty cycle is good for individuals and for the city as a whole. Cities will be better places for everyone when the barriers that trap people and communities are removed.

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IHC is an independent, 501 (c )(3) non-profit global membership coalition of national and international NGOs, civil society organizations, private sector companies, corporations, and individuals committed to equitable urban development and sustainable, inclusive cities.

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Sustainable development is bound inextricably with how cities grow and develop. How equitable they are. How they embrace all of their citizens.

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IHC Global Member Spotlight: Global Urban Development

See How a Member of our Coalition, Global Urban Development, is transforming Brazil, one community at a time. read more....

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A look at the facts

Water and sanitation

Percent of slum households in the developing world that don't have access to clean water.

Land Tenure

Number of people with insecure tenure rights forcibly evicted 1998-2008

Equitable Housing

Percent of urban population in the developing world living in slums

Social and Economic Inclusion

Number of people who move into slums each week.

Urban Food Security

Percentage of income urban families use to purchase food during periods of shortage.

Up To70%
Climate Adaptation

The proportion of the global urban population that will be living in Low Elevation Coastal Zones by 2025.