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    Find out everything you need to know about WUF9.

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  • Global Vision, Local Action:

    Changing Cities for Good

    Over half the global population live in cities, so it is important they serve all of their citizens, including the most vulnerable one billion who live in slums.

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  • Exciting new projects from IHC Global

    Visit our project page to learn about the innovative projects IHC Global is implementing, from making cities safer worldwide to ensuring women's equal access to property rights in Uganda.

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  • Humans of Habitat III: A Photo Essay

    Perspectives on Habitat III and the New Urban Agenda

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    Building A Global Constituency for Equitable Urban Development

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Supporting More Equitable Cities

Access to good sanitation, affordable housing, right to own land, social and economic inclusion, and nutritious food

Creating Value

Finding and sharing information that enables cities, communities, and individuals to address problems they face

Helping Shape the Global Discourse

A shared vision and comprehensive plan to embrace a city's spatial, physical, social, and economic dimensions

Leadership & Advocacy

Seeking opportunities to further innovation, productivity, economy, and quality of life in a growing urban environment

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A look at the facts

Water and sanitation

Percent of slum households in the developing world that don't have access to clean water.

Land Tenure

Number of people with insecure tenure rights forcibly evicted 1998-2008.

Equitable Housing

Percent of urban population in the developing world living in slums.

Social and Economic Inclusion

Number of people who move into slums each week.

Urban Food Security

Percentage of income urban families use to purchase food during periods of shortage.

Up To
Climate Adaptation

The proportion of the global urban population that will be living in Low Elevation Coastal Zones by 2025.