IHC Global is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit global membership coalition.

Comprised of national and international NGOs, civil society organizations, private sector companies, corporations, and individuals committed to equitable urban development and sustainable, inclusive cities. IHC is committed to the principle that greater income equality and greater prosperity for all resulting from an integrated, resource-supported plan for the development of a spatially, socially and economically inclusive city.

Our Vision

IHC Global envisions a world in which cities around the globe are centers for the fulfillment of human potential, positive contributors to inclusive economic growth and key actors in ensuring a more sustainable and peaceful global future.

Our Mission

IHC Global’s mission is to advance practical and equitable urban development through demand-responsive and affordable housing delivery, functioning property markets, clean drinking water, effective sanitation, and other sustainable approaches that increase inclusiveness and enable better urban living conditions and more fulfilled and hopeful lives for everyone.

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IHC Global’s Approach

IHC Global believes the issues with which cities and their residents grapple are universal.  We advocate for inclusiveness, stressing the importance of comprehensive planning that takes into account all communities and people and is used actively to drive equitable investment (both government and private sector), guide environmentally sensitive growth and ensure equitable service delivery.

All of these are the ingredients necessary for vibrant communities in inclusive, sustainable cities.

We work to inform public opinion, shape public policy and increase resource allocation and programs in order to increase urban equity and opportunity. IHC aims to do this by:

  • Being an aggregating voice through its membership and constituency;
  • Influencing policy and practice through solution-oriented analyses and information sharing;
  • Educating and advocating about key urban equity drivers, including inclusive housing, access to basic services and the full range of opportunity provided by cities; and
  • Developing and sharing knowledge and innovation supporting the new vision of the city embodied in Global Goal 11, including the pathways to prosperity that can be forged through policies and investments designed with Goal 11 in mind.

Through these efforts IHC keeps a steady light shining on the needs and rights of the urban poor, and their central place within the entire global Agenda for Sustainable Development. 

IHC seeks to build global constituency of advocates, aware of global and local implications, challenges and solutions for more equitable urban development.

We believe in thinking and acting globally as well as thinking and acting locally.  Each city is different and has different challenges and aspirations.  Each city shares with others the same responsibilities and many of the same challenges.  How each city acts has far-reaching and often global implications.   What happens in cities will determine our collective future!